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Rules and Regulations

Students to Follow

  1. Children must not bring materials other than what is required for the3 class . Toys, magazines CDs, comics , mobile phones, posters etc are not allowed in the school. Students found in possession for any of these or a large amout of money without approval of parents of management are prohibited in the class.
  2. Children must carry their own Tiffin and water pot. No Tiffin should be sent during school hours.
  3. Adopting unfair means in any examination is strictly prohibited. If found, legal action will be taken against the student.
  4. No make-up test will be taken if any one is absent during the exam of class test.
  5. School will provide Academic calendar and Holiday list.
  6. For the girls jewellery is not allowed. However the students may wear small gold ear rings . Students must use black rebber band , white ribbon. If they have long hair, they must make two plaits. If they have short hair, they must make two ponytails.
  7. Coloring hair and using hair gel are strictly prohibited.
  8. Boys must have their hair cut short.

Parents to Follow

  1. Parents are to ensure that students put on the School Logo, Apule, Tie and ID card etc regularly.
  2. Parents are requested to collect their children within 30 minutes after the classes are over.
  3. Students should be collected from school by an authorized person only. They will not be allowed to leave with any person not formally authorized to collect them.
  4. If parents want to take their wards earlier from the school, she/he should inform the Principal in the first period.
  5. The school diary must be regularly checked and signed by the parents.
  6. Text books and exercise books should be sent according to the Class Routine.
  7. rents must attend the Parents-Teachers Meeting.
  8. Parents should not enter school premises or class room/academic area when the school in running.
  9. Parents are requested to contact with the school authority after getting any notice, otherwise they are to obey the decision of the authority.

Rules for Classroom Discipline

  1. You should say ‘ Assalamualaikum ’ and Good Morning to Good Afternoon every teacher, friend whenever you see.
  2. Place your bag neatly alongside your bench leaving sufficient walking space.
  3. Keep your books and other belongings neatly either on the bench or in your bag.
  4. Do not use the teacher’s table or chair for any purpose whatsoever.
  5. Do not write on the board without the teacher’s permission.
  6. Clear your bench from all academic materials before tiffin break and clean up bench afterwards too.
  7. Use bins to dispose of litter.
  8. Do not write or leave shoe marks on the furniture or classroom’s walls.

Things to follow for Dental care

  1. Brush your teeth before going to bed and after taking your breakfast in the morning if possible brush your teeth after reach meal.
  2. Try to avoid Chocolate, Ice-cream and Candy as much as possible.
  3. You must brush your teeth using toothpaste after eating sweets like chocolate, ice-cream etc.
  4. Check up your teeth and month going to a dental surgeon at least once in every six months.