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About Us

Our Mission and Vision:

There is no alternative to education. A high quality education is strongly needed these days due to globalization phenomenon. For today’s students, a high quality education is must for completing successfully in the global market. The North Point School & College combines proven curricula, high quality teachers and excellent teaching methods to provide a high-quality education. Our teachers, methods and curricula are comparable to the renowned in Dhaka and other urban centers. We believe our students will be able to face life’s challenge successfully.

The ultimate goal of north point school & College is to produce capable individuals with a high sense of morality. Our graduates will take our nation forward as productive, confident and responsible citizen. We are committed to giving them the best.

The National Curriculum 7 textbook Board (NCTB) has recently allowed English due to used as the language of instruction in primary and secondary schools. The schools however will follow the curricula used in schools where bangle is the language of instruction. The hybrid version where the stand curricula are combined with English instruction has been well accepted in the community and a number of well-known schools have adopted it. Against the backdrop, the North Point School & College has been adopted the hybrid version. We are proud that North Point School & College has retained Bangla-based standard curricula. We have a flexible system and students can move from one system tom other.